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Desde 10 de marzo 2019 hasta diciembre 2019 Exposición de Fotografía de Erika Kruse „Lugares abandonadas“

Abierto: 1 hora antes de los eventos o con cita previa.

LLama 672 73 11 17 o EMail: elmolinodecajiz@gmail.com




Born and grown up in Germany I had been interested in photography
already in my childhood and took my first photos with my mother´s camera.
To balance or compensate my profession as a physician photography had
always been very relaxing and creative for me.
My first camera was analog, after some time replaced by a digital mirror
reflex camera. But more important than all technical equipement is the
perception of moods and detection of stories behind the photos.
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential, is invisible
to the eye. Saint-Exupéry.
I learned a lot in different photography groups, f.e. In the Royal-Photographic
Society of the U.K., in which I´m a member and where I got my `Licenciate´
two years ago. Thanks to all my friends in the Mijas Photo Group, we had an
intensive time of practising. Other groups I worked/work in are : Sociedad
Fotografica Malaga and currently Colectivo Imagen Fuengirola.
The light, the varity of different landscapes, the sea and the open minded
people, all these factors give me the feeling ` Yes, here I am at home ´.
Abandoned places have always aroused my interest. Here in this wonderful
building you can see a selection taken in different countries. Most of them are
in black and white, some in colour. I wonder – discovering all those
abandoned and sometimes forgotten buildings, ruins, shipwrecks and mills
etc.- how the people who lived and worked in those places have seen the
world, when it was still slow. All these places contain a certain beauty.
Enjoy the exhibition in the sense of deceleration !
Erika Kruse

Ausstellung Molino de Cajiz – Curriculum Erika Kruse erstellt Dez. 2018 spanischAusstellung Molino de Cajiz – Curriculum Erika Kruse erstellt Dez. 2018 deutsch