Conciertos / Concerts

10 de marzo a las 18.30H

Cuarteto Sinoidal

De la copia al original“

Obras de Bach, Scarlatti, Ligeti y más

Ana Lencina Sánchez, Elisa Urrestarazu Capellán, Fernando José Laguna Bermúdez                 José Miguel Cantero Tomás


12 de abril a las 19.30H

Keith James
The Poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca

A unique and breath-taking concert of Spanish Poetry set to music.

The haunting and exotic poetry of the most celebrated writers in the Spanish Language: Federico Garcia Lorca, Isabel Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Pablo Neruda. Their dramatic and sensual poetry, performed as Songs and meticulously set to Keith’s rich, daring and fiery Classical guitar in a way that embraces the very fabric of these beautiful words, both surreal and romantic, until every tear is shed, every picture caught.



There is a huge resurgence of interest in the life and literary output of Federico Garcia Lorca.

Yerma, one of his most rich and powerful dramas has recently taken the west end of London by storm with Billie Piper taking the lead role. The anniversary of the Spanish Civil War has noticed almost all of Europe looking back on Lorca’s poetry and dramas as their concepts and words pull us inwards like a cyclone, only to then be standing face to face with the very same human frailties..

Keith James is one of the UK’s most cherished concert artists, well known for his ability to bring depth and vibrancy to his interpretations. He has performed thousands of concerts celebrating the work of Nick Drake, Lorca, Dylan Thomas and Leonard Cohen.This concert is sung mostly in English and features the Classical and Flamenco guitar.

Press reviews for Keith’s new Album Tenderness Claws – a collection of poetry set to music.

‘The Poems are treated to some fine arrangements, lifting each of them to another level’ Northern Sky

‘A five star Album by anyone’s standards’ Fatea Magazine

‘Finely crafted and played, exquisitely produced and highly recommended’

‘A remarkable array of sound to accompany remarkable words’ R2 Magazine

Keith James’ website


11 de mayo a las 20.00H

Simona Mango, Mezzosoprano

Cornelia Lenzin, Piano

Célebres compositoras románticas

Obras de Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelssohn, Cecile Chaminade, Pauline Viardot-Garcia, Mel Bonis y Amy Beach